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Author - Harold Thompson

Harold Thompson was born in Alameda, California. He moved to Reno, Nevada when his wife was going through cancer treatment. Since having lost a wife and three children to cancer, he has one son living in a neighboring state, whom he loves dearly. 

Harold was an acting pastor for sixty-five years and a volunteer chaplain at San Quentin for five years. While in the Army, he started a Christian group in Seoul, Korea. Harold was a contractor for many years and supported his family through this endeavor. He has previously published two books, In All Thy Ways, Volume I and Volume II.
When Dreams Come True came to Harold in a dream. It was a life changing experience. In Harold's own words, “Of all the things I have done, this may be my finest hour. I am eighty-six years old, but still active. I have looked at my losses as my family's gain; they have gone before me to heaven, and they will be there to welcome me when it's my turn to go there.”

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